Simply, creating a website

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How to begin.

Writing this post is as much for me as it is meant to help anyone else. Actually, I am almost certain that most of my peers would think this is beyond simple. The kind of thing they/you knew by the time you could walk and talk. However technology is NOT my thing. So I suppose its not completely stupid to assume that there are others out there like me. so Here, Its small and simple, and will tell you when not to over-stress yourself and waist your time doing it alone.

part one:

Do you need Help? Or are you happy to do it alone?

I knew I needed help. I have tried to set up blogs before and to be completely honest, the task completely bewildered me! So for me, the decision was made, I would need an IT genius if I was ever going to create a website that I could be proud of, and that I knew was actually, actively out there in the world for people to see.

I was lucky. But I think that you could try to do this too.

Things worked slightly differently for me because I was offered the chance to have help creating my website. For a reduced price, a local web designer, who was wanting to add websites to his portfolio, offered to help me and to try to teach me some of the skills I would need to keep the site going afterwards. I am really Happy with the way the site looks now and so glad that I had all the help that I did.

I am sure, however, that this could be something that would work for you too. If you know that you simply don’t have the money to Pay a Professional for help, Why not approach one and ask if there is a chance of reduced prices. Offer to be really open to ideas with your site and that you are happy for them to experiment with any skills they haven’t yet been able to use on a site in their portfolio. This way It’s a win-win for both of you, and you might end up with a site that is much fancier than you paid for. It’s worth a go!

Reasons you might not need or want to get help.

If you:

  • Are naturally tech savvy so you will be able to learn all that you need online.
  • Don’t want anything difficult, just a simple blog or website.
  • Don’t mind paying for the services of a platform like WIX or SquareSpace for your site.
  • Or you can already write code and know the ins and outs of website creation. Although, If this is true for you, I’m not sure why you are here.

So why should you find help?

If you:

  • know how you want your site to look, so you simply need someone who can make those ideas reality.
  • Want a pretty site to show off what you do, but don’t want to pay the subscription to the website creation platforms mentioned above.
  • Are confused by the back end of websites. Therefore, it would be really helpful to have someone who will hold your hand and sort out any mistakes you make. This site is using WordPress and I know for a fact it would be in all kinds of a mess if I didn’t have the completely amazing help that I do.
  • have already made the site, but you don’t know what to do next. Having the site is only the beginning. After the creation, you will need to find a hosting platform like Godaddy, and get a domain name. As well as links to social media and to apply SEO to your site so that people will actually find you. etc.
  • Would like someone to bounce ideas off of.
  • Have so many questions and need someone to give you a straight answer!

I think That overall, you need to decide whether you are happy to have a basic site for your blogging hobby. Or If you know that this site is going to represent you as a business, or professional, and therefore you need the site to meet those standards.

I hope that This has helped you with the first step of making a website.

What Is the most critical thing to get right for you when you think about your future site?

What type of site are you wanting to make?

Has this post helped you?

You can tell me in the comments below, I would love to know if anyone is reading this!








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