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Am I ready? Well, I’ll begin anyway …



I have decided that I want to start a blog!

there I said it. it’s done.

It has been an idea of mine for too long, and I am determined to actually make it happen.

So I’m blogging. One thing I can finally tick off of all the countless lists that it appears on in my journals.

enthusiastic notebook/journal keeping is a big part of why I know I have the stuff to fill a blog. All those books must be filled with something after all, but it frustrates me that I find it hard to find anything later. My Ideas and ramblings are forgotten when I might actually need them. Keeping a journal is great because it offers the space to offload. Seemingly unrelated and unuseful thoughts can be planted down onto paper so that a broader picture can be seen. To work out exactly what is bothering me, or uncovering the most important of the tasks that are floating around in my head. It is amazing the things that transform and become very useful when seen written down. Suddenly they are easily understood. Once its all written down I can enforce order and calm the chaos.

This all works great there and then, on that specific day. However, I know, that there are crowds of unlistened to ideas and unfulfilled tasks that just don’t ever get revisited. Once I turn to the next page of my journal, I don’t, and how often does anyone, look back more than a phew pages. After enough days have passed older pages are forgotten, their contents lost. I don’t revisit them, they are gone.

Of course, I know I can look back through whenever I like. But why would I, if I don’t have much of an idea about what I would find there.


So here we go, the big why, the thing that is really exciting me about starting to blog my odd and probably irrelevant, but sometimes miraculous, thoughts. I can order! I can title what I have written, and then decide to put it in say the “creating a business” section of the blog. Or maybe the “projects” section with a subsection for “feminine identity”.

Above all, I hope to create a place on the world wide web that talks honestly about trying to create a life out of creating. As, to be completely truthful, being successful at even knowing how you could make money, can seem like a big secret. When you realise that being an artist can be like joining one big ego ridden, competition. Everyone competing and hoping. Aching to be told whether their work is worthy or not, and where on the league table they have placed. Once you understand this, you can see why people are protective about giving away their treasured knowledge. Especially to potential competitors. This seems sad to me, however. To think that we might miss out on a really amazing idea, or an astoundingly beautiful painting, with painstakingly trained brushwork, just because no one gave the artists the right information about how to promote themselves.

I would like to place a warning here though, as the last thing I want you to think is that everything I write is the best advice you’ll get. I’ll try my best, and I definitely won’t say anything that I think is untrue, or is second best. But I can only do my best, and I suppose if you follow all of what I say the worst you can do is as good as me. If you find out that there is a better way, then you can feel happy in the knowledge that you have some really quality information there! who knows, maybe you’ll share it with us if you do.

I also want to say that I don’t have a plan that sets out exactly how this blog is going to end up looking. I am going to let it shape its self organically. Dictated by the information that I have and am given. If nothing else I know that It will be useful for me and so I am hoping that it may be able to help you too.

Oh, it’s so exciting!

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  1. Patricia
    | Reply

    Looking forward to read more of your posts!

    • Ellie Cox
      | Reply

      thank you, Its amazing to know that someone other than myself has seen it <3

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