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Musings on life and art.

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Developing the thoughts behind my artwork.

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Recording Ideas

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Using your sketchbook for idea catching!

You have a book, full of lovely blank pages, and your only goal is to fill it.… Read More

My feminist artwork

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How being feminine and being female are two very different things, and why we need to reclaim the word feminine for ourselves!   Today, if you were to say you expected a woman to be feminine you would find yourself receiving sideways, judgment filled glances. Despite this, we unfortunately still subscribe to this notion within society. We still worship the feminine ideal, and therefore, people, and women especially (but not solely), still feel the pressure to conform to it. When … Read More

My Notebook

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Am I ready? Well I’ll begin anyway… Read More

A Personal Statement

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A reminder to use writing and the editing process as a tool for understanding… Read More